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How it Works

Finding the right candidate is an easy as 1-2-3 process with TheResumeFilter.
By using a simple 3 question procedure to screen and sort resumes,
TheResumeFilter will save you and your company hours of unprofitable work.

Save time. Be more productive.

The Steps

SELECT the appropriate pricing option on the home page and create an account.

Pricing options:
Professional: $19/month
Annual: $180/year

CUSTOMIZE your questions that focus on three main hiring criteria:

  • • Experience
  • • Education
  • • Location

These questions are tailored by you to fit your specific job requirements,
meaning you control the questions qualified candidates must answer in order for
their resumes to be emailed to you.

A custom TheResumeFilter link is then created for your posting.

POST the position on multiple internal and/or external sites (Company website, Monster,
LinkedIn, others) and include your custom TheResumeFilter link. Candidates applying via
TheResumeFilter link must answer your 3 screening questions.

Only the resumes of candidates who correctly answered your specific questions will be forwarded to you.

With your personalized account you will always have access to every resume submitted and every job posted and all data is safely stored in the Cloud.

Sample Questions

Your company requires an experienced project engineer with nuclear power experience that will manage maintenance and quality issues,
the candidate needs to have a university degree in engineering and needs to be within commuting distance of Chicago, Illinois as no
relocation is offered for this role. You could customize the questions:

The experience question could be:

Do you have:

  • A minimum of five years of experience as a professional program manager [PMP] in a nuclear power facility, AND
  • 10 years of US nuclear power regulatory experience with in depth knowledge of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act and NANT, AND
  • Five years of maintenance experience with GE turbines and compressors?
The education question could be:

  • Do you have a degree in nuclear engineering, AND
  • Are you a licensed professional engineer in the State of Illinois?
The location question could be:

  • Do you live within 60 miles of Chicago, Illinois?
The applicant would only be able to answer yes or no to these questions. You may indicate that affirmative answers to the first two questions, for example, are “must haves.”
You can edit the three questions at any time without any cost.
You would be sent only the resumes of candidates who answered affirmatively to at least those first two questions.
This will eliminate the need to review hundreds of resumes.

We're here to help! Call us to help craft your questions!

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